Tuesday, August 27, 2002

This morning started fine, and as I was sitting here at my desk I started to feel my head aching, and I can feel a giant headache coming on. I get these sometimes. I don't know if they're migraines or not, but they do fit many of the symptoms I have read for migraine. I just took some ibuprofen, hoping I can head it off before it gets too bad.

This is definitely not a day to be incapacitated. I have two big things to write today - a recruiting brochure for one client, and a series of direct mail pieces for another. I'm not really sure how far I have to go on that direct mail, but it's all got to be done by the end of tomorrow, because I am out Thursday and the office is closed Friday. Plus I need to get out of here in time for the Cyclones game at 7pm with Jackie and Deb, which I am really looking forward to!

So, please send headache-reducing brainwaves my way if at all possible. Thank you!

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