Monday, March 31, 2003

I swear, the coolest, nicest, most supportive people read my blog. I just read all the comments on finding my tiara, and combined with the support when I thought it was gone, I am just all mushy inside! It's even nicer that people still give a crap, since I've been such a lame blogger lately.

So, on balance, the weekend was good, but there was definitely a low point. I'll start there. I called the bridal shop on Friday and was told my dress was in! Yay! Made plans with Leanne to meet me there at 4pm Saturday, on her way to work (she's a pastry chef and works at a restaurant). We get there, and the manager, who is very sweet, disappears upstairs for a looooong time. She finally returns and says "you're gonna kill me." It wasn't there. Apologies up and down, she feels awful, totally her fault - the computer said it was in, they just had a shipment, she should have looked for the dress before she told me, blah blah blah.

I couldn't be too mad at her, because she is so nice, but it did take an hour to get there with traffic, and 1.5 hours to get home with traffic and rain. So she calls me today, and it turns out the dress came from Spain to the U.S. factory, and they didn't ship it to the store because there is something wrong with the skirt fabric. She didn't have details, but it was some sort of spot or oil stains. Who knows. So now they have to rush cut a new skirt. She assured me it was no problem, it'd be ready for fittings at the end of April or beginning of May, which is fine, but it sucks, too. I just want to see it, as all I have is that one picture and they no longer have the sample gown!

I'm glad the dress debacle was on Saturday, and then the tiara-finding was on Sunday. Other way around would have sucked more. But what tips the weekend over to good is definitely the FINAL FOUR, baby!! My Orangemen kicked some butt right around the time that I found my tiara. I was so excited about the tiara that I forgot the game wasn't at night and missed the darn thing. Silly! I will certainly be in front of a TV somewhere on Saturday night at 8:40pm!

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