Saturday, April 05, 2003

I dreamed last night that my friend Diana and I were in the Poconos with President Bush. He was wearing a pager that started out with a little orange light, but then became red, indicating that there was going to be a large-scale attack within a short period of time. Apparently one possibility was a nuclear strike in Iowa that would wipe out most of the mid-to-western states, isolating California forever (this musta been one hella nuke). In the dream, he was really smart and totally capable, and Diana and I were completely trusting of him. Whew. What the hell is my subconscious doing feeding me bullshit like that?!

In case I didn't mention it, I finished bridesmaid top number 2 earlier this week - maybe it was Sunday? I am now a few inches into the back of number 3. Yes, I'm definitely going to finish this. No, it's not going to be so pleasant. I've also been addressing our invitations, since Ryan is swamped with thesis work and also a lefty with hideous handwriting. Almost done with the outer envelopes, then I get to do the inners. Whee! The thing is, there are this many envelopes with having had to cut down the list a bit. I can't imagine what it would be like if I was able to invite everyone I'd want to have there!

I ordered my veil on Wednesday, which was fun. I wanted to wear the sample back to work - it just makes me feel awfully purdy. Today I think I am going to a sample sale in the city - there's this bridesmaid dress company called Thread that makes dresses that you could also wear to a rehearsal dinner or as a wedding guest, and they are having a sample sale from 4-6 p.m. Since I have two other weddings this summer (my friend Kate's, 2 weeks before mine, and Ryan's sister's, Labor Day weekend) I am interested in finding a cute dress, deeply discounted!

Tonight, I will be parked on the sofa watching my Orangemen in the Final Four. I will be eating appropriately for the occasion - Sal's Wings all the way. I ordered the "make it at home" kit a few weeks ago, having no idea I'd find such a perfect occasion to try them out. I would say these wings were at least 70 percent responsible for my freshman fifteen weight gain back then (that and the beer)!

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