Thursday, May 08, 2003

I am so pissed off right now. My Mom's Mother's Day gift was stolen! The building we live in has eight apartments, and a locked lobby, but packages have been stolen before. I ordered something really cute from, and the Fedex tracking says it was delivered, left without signature, yesterday afternoon. When we got home, there were three UPS packages, but no Fedex. I called redenvelope this morning and they credited my account, but they are out of the gift I ordered, so they can't get me a new one.

I am SO annoyed! I was so happy to have found just the right thing, without hauling my ass all around town. And now it's pretty much too late to order anything online without paying ridiculous overnight shipping costs, so I am going to have to haul the aforementioned ass ANYWAY.


The rest of yesterday went better than that, at least. I went with Diana, my maid of honor, to pick up her bridesmaid skirt. It was painless, and when we took it outside and looked at the color of the skirt with the color of the bridesmaid tank, it looked great! I had been sweating that a bit, since we had such a small swatch to go on, but at least that worked out well.

I also went and picked up my veil on the way back from lunch. I think if I were to work in the bridal industry, selling veils would be the best job. No one ever puts on a veil, says "eeeeeew, it makes me look so fat!" and bursts into tears. Generally, they put it on, look in the mirror, and say "wow, I look like a bride!" And that's exactly what I did.

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