Thursday, March 28, 2002

Lotsa work to do, but need to take a break. I'm working on two different clients right now, and both projects are in the concept stage. So I am coming up with TV commercial ideas for one (which is really fun and something I haven't done a lot of) and whole ad campaign ideas for another. It's confusing to go back and forth. But since I am new here (4th week) I am hoping to have something good to present so people will not think I'm just some talentless hack! So far, so good - the creative director really liked my first TV spot idea. He said it was his favorite out of everything so far! Yay! It's been a long time since I had a job where I felt this good.

Tonight's plan - first go to the gym, then while I watch/listen to the NBC Thursday night lineup, I'm going to knit some chickies and bunnies to bring to Gary and Olga's house on Sunday. They've invited us for Easter dinner. Since my family's Jewish, and Ryan's family is far away, it'll be fun to have someone to be festive with. And Gary's quite the good cook, I hear. He is actually my brother's best friend from San Fran, who moved out here and now gets to be my friend. :-) I hope I will be able to part with the little critters - I have SUCH a weakness for cute stuffed animal things. Hmm. Keyword = stuffed. Guess I am stopping at the drugstore for more cotton balls, too!

Hopefully I will have time after the animals to do some more work on Mom's sweater. My one reservation about this project is that it might be a little too see-through. I'm not quite sure. I wouldn't worry so much except it's a boat neck, so putting a camisole or a tank under it would look sort of dumb. I think it will probably be fine for me, but Mom might have issues with it. I suppose if worse comes to worse I'll keep it for myself and start something new for her. I hope it doesn't happen though - she really liked the yarn. Even though she says "Oh, I have so much, don't waste time knitting for me" I know she will love it if I make her something.

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