Tuesday, March 26, 2002

OK, I got back to knitting last night. I'm making these really cute foam-stuffed blocks from Vogue Knitting Baby Gifts. Once again, there was NO way I was going to use 12+ balls of Rowan yarn for this one. No offense to Tracy, my best friend's sister who is having the baby, but that's a bit of a hefty price for a baby gift. Particularly when it's not even going to be something the baby WEARS - it's something he or she will play with, so it's not like it has to be super-soft.

Anyway, I bought a variety of colors of acrylic yarn that seemed like they would match well when I was at the yarn sale the other day and so far so good. I still need to get a few more colors, but I have stuff to work with. Baby's not due until May, so I'm OK for a bit. There are three blocks - small, medium and large. So far I have one medium square and two small ones. Now that I've gotten my yarn bobbins and figured out how to do the intarsia knitting the right way, it should go pretty quickly.

No pictures yet. I'm awaiting delivery of a new scanner, and I have Ryan's digital camera, but no way right now to connect it to my PC. Kind of a convoluted story. He has the card reader at home. (Hey, it IS his camera!) I have the serial cable, but my newish PC (got in November) no longer has a serial port. So I used to connect it using the USB to serial connector I got for my Palm cradle. But then I had to bring that to work to connect my Palm to the (ack!) iMac I have there. I'm awaiting delivery of another USB to serial I bought on eBay, so we'll see which comes first - that or the scanner. I guess I should also find out if there's a USB cable for the camera (Nikon Coolpix 700). Either way, eventually I'll get pics of the pattern and the squares as I finish them. It's a really cute project and I can't wait to see it finished!

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