Thursday, May 30, 2002

Well, I think the re-knitting of the bottom of the tank and the haircut were successful!

I finished the tank last night before the haircut, and when I tried it on (without sewing up the seams of course) it seemed just right. Hallelujah! Tonight will the true test, blocking and sewing, but I am pretty suire it's going to go OK.

And the haircut went equally well. I love the salon, and the guy who cut my hair was really good. He told me I could pretty much wear my hair any length I wanted, so he'd be happy to help me grow it out. And he complimented the color, which I do myself. Said it was just right for me. Always nice to hear. He ended up just kind of taking out some of the bulky spots which were growing in because of the curl, and just for fun he blew it straight and showed me how to do so. I was pleased, because I kind of wanted the option to be lazy and go curly, or put a little effort in and have a sleeker look. So, here's how I looked when I got home:

I really liked it, and Ryan nearly lost his mind - couldn't stop staring all through dinner. I joked that he must feel like he's cheating because it's such a different look. He also took this picture of me and my little kitty that I can't resist sharing, since she's so cute.

This morning I got up a few minutes early so I could try my hand at recreating the straight look, and still have time to soak my head and go curly if I failed. I must say, I didn't do so badly! Especially considering I had to actually buy a round brush last night for the first time in a hundred years. Between the short hair and the curly hair, I haven't owned one of those in ages! It didn't come out exactly as straight as he did it, but it's pretty good if I do say so myself.

If you've made it this far, you've probably heard all you want to about my hairy adventures. So I will leave you and bid you good day!

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