Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Back to work after four lovely days off. It's not quite as bad as I thought, but I'd rather still be relaxing!

Had a really fun, relaxing and somewhat productive weekend. Did some shopping, did some knitting, did some eating, did some drinking, did some other stuff that just isn't appropriate to mention in a knitting blog, and generally had a great time!

I'm up to the second side of the "v" on the back of the Ginger tank, and if I can figure out how to reverse the shapings and not screw it up (I frogged it three times on the roof deck of Ryan's apartment building yesterday) I should be finished with it tonight at Stitch-n-Bitch. Of course, silly me left the front of the tank sitting on the cedar chest at my house, so unless I stop at home before S-n-B, it's going to remain a UFO!

Actually, I think I will make it a point to stop at home, since I really want to put it together with other people around. I've never actually had anyone show me how to mattress stitch, and I kinda want an "official" lesson. I've looked at pictures and figured it out mostly for myself, but listening to Marney explain it to someone last week gave me the sneaking suspicion that I could be doing it better.

I'm looking forward to the S-n-B tonight, but also somewhat sad because it is going to be our dear Ms. Chunky's last NYC Stitch-n-Bitch! You west coasters are lucky - soon she'll be gracing you with her presence. Carolyn, I haven't known you all that long, but I will miss you very much!

In other sad news, I was totally jonesin' for some Ronnybrook Farm yogurt this morning, to mix with granola, and I went to the Central Market at Grand Central station, and the Ronnybrook Farm stand was no longer there! Their yogurt is so good - it's not overly sweet, but very flavorful, particularly the maple-vanilla. I usually buy it at the greenmarket at Union Square, but since I was coming from Brooklyn this morning, I thought I'd get it at Grand Central. Waaah! I was forced to go the supermarket and buy regular too-sweet yogurt. I just wrote to the info email address to find out whether they are gone for good.

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