Saturday, June 01, 2002

Didn't have time to blog at all yesterday - it was busy busy at work, for a change. On my way out in a few. Shetha's in town, and Jackie, Marney and I are going to lunch with her. I am going to remember to bring my camera, so hopefully there will be decent photos later today.

Thanks to all for the very nice comments and compliments yesterday. I get all giddy when I see so many! And to answer a question - no, I'm not going back to the baby blocks right now. That will have to wait until someone very special is having a baby. (Hell, it might want until it's ME, those suckers are going to take so long!) First I am going to sew up Mom's sweater, and then there are plenty of things to choose from: booties to go with brand-new Lily's strawberry cap; the Rowan "Flame" tank with some alterations to suit the sparkly black "No Smoking" (I kid you not about the name) yarn; possibly another Rowan tank for Leanne's birthday (July 7, but we'll be away until a week alter); the cute purse kit (which didn't come in colors as cute as shown, but I still like better than the cushion they used to have) that came with my brand-new Rowan International membership - the possibilities are endless!

One more thing - is anyone using the "Bloggar" program and having trouble publishing? I keep getting an error that the posting went fine but it couldn't publish.

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