Sunday, July 14, 2002

I almost forgot to talk about knitting-related stuff from my trip! Bad Betsy! Truth be told, it was not much of a knitting bonanza. I did some work on the melon boatneck, and am almost up to the armhole on the back. But most days I didn't even look at it. Since we were with other people almost all the time in France, I didn't get a lot of yarn shopping done. I saw a few balls of Bouton d'Or angora in a little store (not a yarn store, just a store that happened to have some yarn) one morning, but by the time I decided I kind of wanted to go back, we had already had to leave the town to be somewhere else. No gigantic loss, but it would've been nice to have the freedom to return on my own schedule.

I did get about 15 minutes in a Phildar store when we drove down to Marseilles with Chris and Andrea one day. They were having a big sale (the whole darn country is on sale right now - my favorite French word? "Soldes!") and I got 10 balls of Paper Phil in a lovely clear blue color. Now that I look at it again, it's a lot like the color of the water on the Cote d'Azure, so that's sort of a nice memory.

The big disappointment was going all the way to the address for the Filatura di Crosa store in Rome and finding it closed. Recently closed, it appears, as the window display next to the door still had the Filatura di Crosa poster, but the place was totally empty. Very sad. I looked at the list I had printed from Woolworks, but none of the places had phone numbers and the addresses just didn't jive with anything on our map.

On our last morning in Anacapri, I came across a little yarn store that I hadn't noticed before, but they didn't have anything special. I was looking for some soft merino, and all she had was baby yarn in pastels. I thought about getting some for future baby projects, but decided not to bother. So, Europe wasn't a yarn bonanza, but I did get something purdy that I wouldn't be able to find at home, so I am satisfied. Now I just have to find a pattern that will suit the Paper Phil...

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