Wednesday, July 17, 2002

It was so fun to go to Stitch-n-Bitch last night and see all the girls! And it worked in my favor that Cafe Des Moines decided to close at 9pm, since I was fading fast, but it was also pretty annoying. We've been discussing looking for another place to meet, since the Des Moines staff is unfriendly, they have somewhat erratic hours, and there's a serious lack of decent food there (important when a lot of us come straight from work and stay for hours.)

Jackie sent an email to the S-n-B list soliciting opinions on a place I had mentioned called Java N Jazz. It's a nice place, has decent food, and stays open later than Des Moines. It's also right off Union Square and thus close to a whole bunch of train lines. Of course, right now it's also about a 7-minute walk from my apartment, but once Ryan and I move into Brooklyn together, it will still be convenient because of the subway proximity. I am crossing my fingers that others will like the idea!

Got up to the armholes on my melon boatneck last night. I mentioned to Liz that I thought the neck might be too straight, and she told me that Bonne Marie had updated the pattern because of just this problem. Hmm. I think I am using the updated one, but now I'm wondering if I am, or if I did something funky. I had to adjust the pattern a bit because I had a different number of stitches (I made the top a bit smaller than she did) but that really shouldn't have mattered. Well, I know if I run into huge trouble I can always beg Ms. Chicknits herself for assistance!

So the boy and I are throwing ourselves gently into wedding planning mode. We both made our guest list picks last night, and I threw it over to Mom and Dad for anyone they want to add. So far, so good. We're trying to keep it on the reasonable side and not break the bank. Hope we succeed.

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