Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Anybody want a rosè slushie?

I had a craving for a glass of rosè, which I enjoyed a lot of in France. So I picked up a bottle at Union Square Wines on my way home. I wanted to chill it fast but didn't feel like putting it in the sink with ice cubes and water because it's so messy and uses up all the ice. So, since I had the freezer bowl of my ice cream maker already in the freezer, I stuck the wine bottle in there and put it back in the freezer. Well, that was at 6pm and I just remembered it now. As you can see from the photo, it's frozen solid! The amazing thing is that the bottle didn't burst. It's melting pretty quickly, and I can't really tell if the freezing hurt the wine too much, since I haven't had this particular bottle before. Tastes a little flat, but who knows.

Definitely a night of odd experiences (see my google reference below!) I think I'll go to bed before it gets any weirder.

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