Tuesday, July 16, 2002

I'm still not feeling so great about work, maybe even more so today. Truth be told, in a bustling economy, I would not have taken this job. Pharmaceutical advertising is not exactly known for its creative opportunities. But the offer was really good, and oh yeah, it was the only solid offer I had. So I took it. Then shortly after I started, a major client (whose project was the impetus for hiring me) had to postpone their launch. Then another, and another, and now this last client who didn't even get their FDA approval.

So, the work has dwindled, and I don't have any of my own projects to work on. I'm basically getting tossed around from project to project when someone needs help, and I'm backing up one of the other writers on his client. And he's a good guy, but it's very frustrating at my level to be working basically as a junior writer, even if the title on my biz card says "Senior." Not having anything I can take ownership is really frustrating, and on top of that I'm concerned that since there is so little work right now, my head will be first on the block.

The up side of the job is I work with really nice people, I have my own office (a rarity, in my experience), the hours are reasonable, the pay is good, and my boss is really really nice. But I am bored bored bored most of the time. Either by lack of work, or lack of interesting work. And the work process here is very slow and old-fashioned. There are a lot of people who have been here for 10+ years, and some even for their entire careers. Not a lot of new thinking going on. Certainly not compared to my days working on web projects.

What to do, what to do? As I already said yesterday, I think I would be incredibly stupid not to at least be considering looking elsewhere. Of course, being here for only four months just doesn't look good on a resume, and goodness knows there aren't a hell of a lot of jobs out there. But if this one disappears (or just grinds to a slow, painful halt) I want to be prepared.

Wow, I wish I weren't thinking about this right now. I would like to be carefree and just humming along here at work, but it just seems like that's not going to happen. I hope I don't end up doing a job search and wedding planning at the same time. Of course, if I got canned, I'd have lots of time for that wedding plan. Hahaha. Talk about your unwanted silver linings. With Ryan not working, I am definitely going to need to be working for the foreseeable future.

Sorry to be a downer today. I guess reality is just catching up with me this morning, and it isn't as lovely as it could be. I recognize things could be far worse, but that's why I am trying to prepare ahead of time - so they don't get there!

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