Wednesday, July 24, 2002

OK, first off, I have the coolest blog readers! Everyone has been leaving such nice, supportive comments. And you don't mind (and many even welcome) the wedding planning tangents. Yay! I especially appreciate people keeping an eye out for nice tank patterns - I welcome any and all suggestions!

Last night's Stitch-n-Bitch at Java-n-Jazz seemed to be a great success! Lots of people showed up, and between the sofa, rocking chair and tables, there was room for all. Good light, sandwiches and ice cream available, and a generally convenient location are also pluses. I think the consensus is we're going to stay there for a while, which makes me very happy.

I did a few rows on the boatneck, but got sick of it quickly for some reason, so I moved on to the Moo blanket, which has been neglected for a while. My cousin (the recipient) is getting bigger and bigger, but her baby's blanket hasn't been! Once I finish off the boatneck, I think I will try to focus on Moo for a while, so I will have room for other projects later without stressing about this one. Baby's due in October, which seems a ways off, but it's a long blanket, and each row (113 stitches) takes a while because of the many color changes (white, black, white, black, white, black...).

Right now I am completely comatose after a 9:30-11:30am meeting about market research. It was actually very interesting and informative, and answered many questions, but it was two hours in one conference room! Ack! I have to spend the rest of the day thinking of brilliant TV commercial concepts, so the art director I am working with (Sonia) and I are going to go get some brilliant lunch to fuel our creativity.

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