Friday, July 26, 2002

Ah, Friday morning and I am... here at work. Drat. The good news yesterday was that two of my tv commercial ideas (including one I really like) got picked to be presented to the client Monday. And it's the big honcho client, not just the day-to-day contact. The bad news was that they wanted to make a few changes to the scripts, and wanted a script developed based on a concept from someone else who is now on vacation. So, I'm here and wishing I weren't.

At least my boss was nice about it and apologized and told me if things are slow later on, I could hopefully leave early, and he'd try and make up the day on another Friday, if possible. Glad he offered, though I'm not sure I can see it happening. Oh well, I'll try and get these all done by noon so the chance of getting out of here by 3ish is realistic.

Worked some more on the Moo blanket last night. I definitely have a spot or two where I have diverged from the chart, but I am so not worrying - they're cow print spots and no one will ever realize that one was supposed to be slightly over to the left a bit more. Last night's rows went a little faster because there was more white space between spots so I had fewer color changes.

OK, this is not the kind of wedding I am planning. Very strange! I found that link on GoingBridal, which was entertaining reading even before I was engaged.

I got the contract from the caterer in the mail yesterday. Yipes. I want to take a good read of it and ask any questions before signing it and giving them a deposit. Everything looks kosher, but there are a few questions I have. One being that they say they require approval on all outside vendor services, and I want to know what that entails. Same goes for any outside cakes brought in. And since Leanne, one of my best friends, happens to be a professional pastry chef and is going to make my cake, I want to make sure it won't be a problem. I'm sure the cake the caterer provides is lovely, but it can't taste anywhere near as good as what she makes.

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