Monday, July 22, 2002

I can't believe I have gotten so lame about posting. Mostly because I suddenly got busy here at work on Thursday and Friday, and I am certainly grateful about that. It's still day-to-day with what I am working on, but at least I have been finding work to do and clients to bill my time to.

I have done zero knitting since Tuesday's Stitch-n-Bitch. Not so happy about that! But there have been a lot of "extracurricular" events, and that doesn't seem to be stopping. My brother Larry is in town until Thursday, so that always puts lots of stuff on hold. Last night we all (parents, Larry, Ryan, myself) went to Tavern on the Green for a bit of a celebratory dinner. I wouldn't usually pick such a touristy spot, but Mom wanted to go - she has developed an extreme fondness for it. The food is nothing special really, but in the nice weather, it's fantastic to sit outside there. It was nice to get there at 7:30, because we got to be there during daylight and darkness, with all the pretty lights in the trees.

Tonight we are having a different kind of family affair. Ryan, Larry and I are meeting my friend Rich, his brother Didier and his brother's wife Michelle for dinner. We have been discussing this for ages, but it finally materialized. There's a restaurant down on Avenue B, called either 3B or B3, which has all you can eat blue crabs on Monday nights. I am so excited - I haven't had those in ages! Hard to find in NYC. Ryan doesn't eat them, so he'll scarf down his burger or something and then wait patiently for the rest of us.

On the wedding-planning front, we are very close to a place and date. I don't want to jinx it by saying anything until it's actually a done deal, but it should work out just fine. And it's a really beautiful place that will make us (and hopefully our guests) very happy, so I am pretty excited about it. I'll report again as soon as we have a true thumbs-up.

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