Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Egads, the rollercoaster never ends. Today, yet another client had to postpone the launch of their new drug. Their new drug which was just about the only client I had left to work on. Shit. (Wow, that might be my first actual "four-letter-word" on this blog. The situation seems to warrant it.) Pretty much the first thing I did after that was email the headhunter who got me this job. He's a great guy, and really works hard. He called me about 15 minutes later and told me he is almost positive he can get me interviews at at least one other agency.

One problem I have is that most of the work I have done here has been concepts for ads/TV for products that have not launched yet. So, showing that work is tricky, because obviously I can't give away what their advertising is going to look like, especially if it's to a competitive agency. Trying to figure out if just deleting the product name and replacing it with "Product X" is enough. If anyone in the field has any ideas on that, I would love to hear them.

This is seriously stressful. I was laid off in December 2000 and again in April 2001, and it took me many months of freelancing to find this job in March 2002. No one has said anything specific yet about layoffs, but it seems absolutely ludicrous to believe they aren't coming. Unless some gigantic new business shows up, I can't see how they could avoid it. One way or another, I have to stay employed. Can you imagine the damage I would do if I had 24x7 to plan this wedding and no money coming in? Eek!

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