Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Feeling kinda crappy today. For several days I have been fighting off some sort of "bug" - sore-ish throat, general achy feeling, a strong desire to get back in bed. It comes and goes, and today it's back again. It probably didn't help that I was in some sort of time warp this morning and thought it was Saturday for an instant when my alarm went off. Not fair! So I came to work but really wish I were home in bed, instead. I'm tempted to leave, but feel like I should stick it out unless I feel crappier. Fun fun.

Our meeting at the photographer's studio last night went well. We were both impressed by the work, although we're not sure which of two photographers we like better. Since one of them (Joel, who owns the studio along with his wife) is on vacation this month, I think there's not incredible pressure to decide right away. That's good, because there are two (possibly three) others who we ought to meet with. But I really liked that they were offering to do a free engagement shoot, where the photographer would take us to various places around the city and get some really unusual portraits. I never thought we'd do engagement photos because it's just an additional expense and not necessary, but this would be fun, and a great way to get to know the photographer before the "big day."

I'm not sure if I am going to make it to Stitch-n-Bitch tonight. First off, there's the aforementioned crappy feeling. Also, I may be going to look at a few apartments with Diana, my maid of honor. She has an appointment with a broker tonight, but I have a weird feeling that he is just bringing her in to fill out forms and chat, since he asked her to meet at his office. Usually, they meet you at the apartment, and his office and the apartments she's talking about are nowhere near each other. She's never looked for a place before, so I am fine with going to help her do that, but I really have no desire to go and sit there while she tells the broker what she wants, how much she makes, and where she wants to live. Especially when I just want to be in bed! So, either way, there's a strong chance of me being a no-show at Java-n-Jazz tonight.

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