Monday, August 05, 2002

Well folks, we finally have a just-about-FO! The knitting and the seaming are done on the Melon boatneck, and all I have to do is pick up for the neckband and weave in my ends. Hallelujah! I tried it on already and wasn't 100% crazy about the way it looked at first. I sort of felt like the bottom being striped and the top being solid made me look a little bottom-heavy and small-boobied. Ryan said otherwise and the next time I looked I liked it better. I think as long as I wear skinny pants in a darker shade, it's AOK.

To celebrate finishing that one, I started another tank! I decided I liked Ginger so much that I would do another one, this time in the blue Topas, this is quite a treat. I expect the tank will work up very quickly, as I've got nearly 4" done already and I only started it yesterday morning for a brief while, and then had about 25 minutes to work on the subway this morning on the way in from Ryan's.

Other than knitwise, the weekend was good. I made the most delicious watermelon sorbet on Fridy night, then had it as a treat after I cleaned up around the house and did laundry on Saturday! Then we went to the Peter, Paul and Mary concert with Mom and Dad. This is the third year in a row that we've gone with them, and it's always a good time. There are so many good memories in that music. I think my favorite album as a child was Peter, Paul and Mommy.

Going to a PPM concert is a really great experience. Ryan likened it to singing around a campfire. Probably even more so at the Westbury Music Fair, since it actually is a theater in the round. It is inspiring to see that after 40 years together and in such troubled times as ours, they still have a meaningful message of hope. Their words and their music make me believe that peace is truly possible. It is equally comforting that there are still enough people who feel the same way to go to their concerts. I do intend to raise my children (when I have them) listening to that music, and to use songs like Blowin' in the Wind and Don't Laugh at Me to help them understand our world and grow up caring about others. I love that my parents brought me up listening to that music, even though on the outside they don't seem like "folkies." I guess I'm kind of the same way.

On a totally different note - I bought a new Palm yesterday. The M500. My old Palm V only had 2 mb of RAM, where this has 8 and a faster processor. Very very happy. Plus, Circuit City had a sale, so I got it for $175 rather than $200! Now I can have Vindigo, AvantGo, and all the other "essential" Palm apps, without running out of room.

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