Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Back to work today. More projects that I worked hard on got canceled by the client. Whee!

I’m not sure if I will make it to Stitch-n-Bitch tonight. I was planning on going, even though I don’t have a specific project I want to work on. But a friend of mine is having a very rough day. He got a call last night from a woman he has been in love with since high school (yes, it’s an unrequited love of epic proportions, made worse by her inability to come straight out and break his heart in one fell swoop). She’s getting married. He is totally devastated. Everyone around knew this day would come, but he always hoped against hope, and now he is paying for that hope. So, if he is willing to go out and get a bite to eat, I am going to take him. If he wants to be alone, I’ll come to S-n-B.

In happier news, Ryan and I had fun at Bloomingdale’s this weekend. We picked out our dishes! I know, that is astoundingly exciting news to most people. Well, it’s still exciting to us – we’re the ones who are going to eat off this stuff. This was all prompted because my cousin asked my Mom if we were registered anywhere yet, and then another friend’s Mom asked my friend the same question. Well, you don’t have to hit me over the head with a hammer! We’ll probably go back this weekend to pick out flatware, glassware, etc. At least get the basics done so we don’t have to worry about it so much later.

We’re also talking about invitations. Being an artist, Ryan would prefer to design them himself (with my input). Somehow that ended up being very stressful to me on Sunday. While I love the idea, it overwhelmed me for a bit and made me wish we could just do “normal” invitations like other people, since it is far less hassle and doesn’t involve dealing with paper stock, printers, etc. Fewer choices = fewer decisions = less stress. I think we came up with a good design solution, though, and I am feeling better about it. Now I just need to find some printers and see if it’s feasible both from a production and a financial standpoint.

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