Friday, September 20, 2002

It's Friday! Hallelujah! So far it seems like a good one, too. I was late getting out of the house (because I couldn't haul my lazy ass out of bed) but there was so little traffic that the bus zipped along and I was only 10 minutes late getting into work. I actually almost missed my bus stop. I've been re-reading The Two Towers (the second book of Tolkein's Ring Trilogy) and got so absorbed in it that I wasn't paying attention. Traffic has been so bad on 3rd Avenue lately that I expected I'd have far more time to read than I actually did.

I wonder why it is that I can read on the bus (most of the time) but not in a moving car? On the bus I feel OK, but in a car, anything more than a quick map consultation and I am looking for the barf bag. I'm sure you're excited to hear that.

I am excited to have learned that Ryan and I have way more than enough AAdvantage miles to fly first-class to Hawaii for our honeymoon! I must extend some of my gratitude towards the mostly defunct Scient, where I, in particular, earned a good number of miles during the year that we both worked there. Between business trips and our first vacation to Hawaii in May '00, we earned Gold status and lots of mileage. Now we are going to put it to good use.

Current thinking on the honeymoon is that we won't leave the traditional day after the wedding. The wedding is a Sunday afternoon (June 15th), and Monday morning is way too fast. So we're thinking of leaving maybe that Friday. And maybe I will take Monday and Friday off work, but actually come to the office Tuesday through Thursday in order to save a few vacation days. This is all very preliminary thinking. But if we leave Friday the 20th, the second week of the trip (we definitely need 2 weeks) will include Independence Day, which is Friday, thus saving another vacation day. I know, I'm anal retentive about the vacation days. But you really need to strategize in order to not get screwed in the end. If I am still here at my present job, I will get three weeks vacation next year, and I don't want to miss any of it! I also don't want to use every last drop for the honeymoon and not be able to take a day here or there beforehand or later in the year.

Sorry for boring you with my vacation day spiel. I know you really want to hear about knitting. But I didn't do any, so you're SOL. Last night I cleaned the cat box, the bathroom, and the dishes, and pretty much lazed away the rest of the night without picking up needles. I think finishing that Moo blankie wore me out for a bit. Plus it took away my "urgent" project. Then again, the hat contest hat should be urgent, given that there are only 10 days until the deadline. But I know I can finish it fairly quickly, and if I have to, hand-deliver it to Staceyjoy in Brooklyn at the last minute. Ah yes, I may be a procrastinator, but I am a procrastinator with a plan!

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