Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Well, I didn't go to Stitch-n-Bitch because my friend wanted to go to dinner last night. Poor guy. His hopes and dreams are all dashed and he feels totally lost. He was crazy to have put so much stock in a woman who has never shown any true interest in him and has been dating other men (including her fiance) for years, but this isn't really something that's worth saying to him. Especially at this point. He's a very smart guy, too smart for his own good, so he can see his problems. But of course they are pretty tough to solve on your own, and he is not interested in seeing a professional. So, I'll just try and be a good friend.

Not much other stuff of interest to report. Ryan and I are going to meet with our probable wedding photographer tonight, which I am looking forward to. Work is a ridiculous pile of crap that I don't even want to get into at the moment. Just really frustrating.

I need to finish my super-secret hat contest hat soon. I shouldn't work on anything else until I do, which won't take long once I sit down and do it. Right now, I am going to stand up and go get some lunch.

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