Monday, September 30, 2002

Well, I have failed in my bid to complete my oh-so-groovy hat for the RedLipstick hat show. The idea I had was going to take way too long, so I tried to modify it, and I hated it. Just thought it looked stooooopid. If I had been truly obsessive, I might have sent the boy away for the weekend and sat home trying to do it all, but I just couldn't. I wanted to go out and have some fun. Had to help clean up and make his apartment beautiful so we can sell it. You know the story. Girl dreams up hat. Girl tries to make hat. Girl spazzes and gives up on hat. Happens every day.

Maybe someday I will complete the hat the way I wanted to, and I will post it for all to see. In the meantime, I am putting it in the deep-freeze. Sorry to everyone who expected to see something cool - you'll just have to read instead.

Ryan and I cleaned up and prepared the aforementioned apartment for an Open House on Sunday, and it seems to have gone well. A few possible offers, but I won't get too excited over it until there is something more definite, because that's how I got disappointed last time. It would be great to get this over with, though. November 30th is getting closer and closer.

Still bored here at work, though they say new projects are coming. Uh-huh. We shall see. Like the apartment deal, I am skeptical. My Tuesday interview got pushed back to Wednesday, but that's fine.

Other than that, not much new. This week's plan is to make it to Stitch-n-Bitch tomorrow, and spend the other nights getting my house in order. I have been a real lazy bum about cleaning and stuff lately, and it's showing. I think the boredom at work brings on a general lethargy, and when I get home all I feel like doing is watching TV and eating Oreos. Lovely. I think we'll be back on track this week and I'll be the fabulous, exciting me again, just in time for our trip upstate this weekend.

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