Thursday, October 03, 2002

Hey, have you ever wondered if those vacuum-pack Space Bags on TV really work? Well, this is my full-queen size down comforter, a feather pillow, and a fleece blanket:

It's great fun stuffing those things and vacuuming all the air out. I used to have a cheaper kind where you didn't use the vacuum, but most of those have ripped by now. These were bigger and stronger, and I'm impressed with the amount of stuff I was able to pack into them. I pretty much got the bulk of my summer wardrobe into two of the large bags. Well, those two large bags plus two shopping bags of stuff I decided does not need to stay in my life any longer.

Yesterday's interview went pretty well, though it's always hard to tell what they really think of you. Thing is, I'm not sure I really want the job, because it sounds like I might be busy but bored. And I don't think it's what I want to do for a longer term, so I would just end up looking for something more interesting again in a year or sooner. I think I might be better off staying with the boredom I know, as opposed to having to get accustomed to a whole new variety.

I did drop off my portfolio at the other agency I had mentioned, and had a nice (informal) chat with the HR person who was recruiting me. I think I got in good with her because I opened her eyes to a quicker way to commute to her office. They just moved into cool new offices a month or so ago, and she had been taking a somewhat roundabout subway route from her place (she turns out to live right near Ryan) - the route involved a really long and annoying transfer from one line to the other, and took her a really long time. I told her about the "A" train, which is about 2 blocks from her house and goes straight to the stop a block away from her office. She was intrigued, and I know that right now she is loving me for saving her that time! Hopefully she and her creative director like my portfolio as much as my subway knowledge and decide to meet with me.

I also just set up an interview with a third agency. This is through a headhunter, but I spoke directly to the creative director to set up the time. He seemed really nice and had a good sense of humor, so I'm looking forward to that interview next Wednesday after work.

I wrote those first few paragraphs at 10am, and didn't get back until 2pm to finish. We had this most ridiculous timeline meeting for a bunch of projects that may or may not actually happen, but if they do, everything needs to be finished by November 27th to be submitted to the FDA for approval. We're talking brochures, letters, sales sheets and a whole ton of other esoteric shit. The kind of work that under normal conditions would be 4-5 months worth. Absofuckinglutely ridiculous. I was almost speechless after this meeting. We'd need at least 3-4 other writers, and even then it would be a nightmare to get this stuff done. We're talking late nights and weekends. Shit shit shit. I am hoping some of these other opportunities pan out, because I do not want to work like that. Even if we get it done, it will be a greatly compromised product we produce on such a short timeline, so it's hardly worth it.

Oh well. I am going to go and enjoy the quiet while it lasts.

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