Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Well hallelujah, I finally made it back to Stitch-n-Bitch last night! I was more there for the bitch part than the stitch part, as it turns out. I brought my pretty pink angora but forgot a book of stitch patterns, and I kind of futzed around with it and came to no good conclusion so I just ripped it. But I chatted with everyone and had a good time before I left early, around 8:30.

I was just so tired when I left Java-n-Jazz, and when I went home I dyed my hair and was practically tipping over, I was so sleepy. Of course, I had trouble falling asleep, and at around 4:30 a.m. I was awakened by hot breath on my neck and a warm tongue in my ear. No, this isn't TMI - the breath smelled of cat food and the tongue felt like sandpaper. Why oh why does my cat love me so much when I am sleeping?

Interview today is at noon, and I wore a sort of less-suity suit so that people wouldn't get too suspicious. Not like I am that concerned really. I think a lot of people are covering their butts around here by interviewing, etc. At least, the smart people should be. The agency isn't in desperate shape or anything, but there are a lot of people with little to do right now, and they have gotten rid of a few of them recently.

I'm getting excited for my weekend. Ryan and I are flying up to Syracuse to meet a bunch of my college roommates and friends for Homecoming. Ten years. I can hardly believe it! I'm also psyched because at the 11th hour we managed to get rooms at the Sheraton that is basically on-campus. Originally it was booked and they put me on the waiting list, which I thought was a joke. Apparently not! Of course, it's twice the price of the other place we had reserved, and twice the price of a normal weekend at the same hotel, but it's worth it to be right there and not have to drive. Particularly if we re-live our most common college memories, which are not particularly conducive to driving!

Hmm, that reminds me that I ought to let my boss know I need to leave here an hour or so early on Friday to make my flight. Yeah, like I have any work that would keep me here!

Forgot to post my latest wedding-related purchase. I found this at a thrift store on my way home Monday afternoon - the tag inside says Bloomingdale's, and it was eight bucks. I know I have looked for similar purses there in the past and they are usually around $50, so I'm pleased.

That's all for now - think good thoughts my way at noon, Eastern time!

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