Friday, October 04, 2002

So I found out yesterday at work that I two things in common with a colleague I didn’t know very well. One, she just got engaged, and two, she’s a knitter! How cool is that? She told me she had stumbled across Bonne Marie’s site, and I was amused and told her it was only a matter of time before she found my blog. Then I realized that I have spent a lot of time the past few weeks talking about how I’m looking for a better job. Hmm. The debate in my head was between taking those posts down, or just trusting that she’s not the type of person to blabber, because she’s nice and there’s just no point in it. I went with the latter. So, Jenny, if you read this, please be discreet! Or I’ll tell everyone here that you love it when people smoke in your office when you’re not around. J

In other news, I’m headed up to Syracuse for my Homecoming weekend. Very much looking forward to seeing my best friend, Lisa, and several of my other roommates. Actually, I guess it’s all four of the girls I lived with senior year, but I’m really only looking forward to seeing three of them. That’s mean, isn’t it? Oh well – it’s the truth! Our flight leaves at 6:15, so I’m leaving the office at 4, and we arrive around 7:30. Did I ever mention the ridiculous price I got on those tickets? They were $98 round trip each! That’s cheaper than it would be to rent a car and gas it up for both ends of the trip from NYC. We’re renting a car up there for something like 50 bucks for the whole weekend. Gotta love those upstate NY prices!

Packing for this weekend was amusing. You’d think I were going to a third-world country, I was so afraid of forgetting something. Dunno why, except that since I am the only one living in the city, I feel this pressure to be extra-fabulous this weekend for all the girls, who are mostly suburban Mom’s now. Isn’t that ludicrous? Oh well, it’s true anyway. I also decided not to bring any knitting. The flight is only an hour and 15 minutes, and I have two books with me. I may finish my re-reading of The Two Towers (and by the way, I have the super-groovy circa-1965-or-so version that my Dad bought back when it first came out in paperback, not the movie star new versions. It really bugs me when they reissue a book cover with movie stars). If I do finish that, I can start The Fourth Hand. Since I don’t have a particular project on the needles at the moment, I decided to just skip it and make things easier going through security, since we aren’t checking anything.

Today I’m supposed to find out about that fresh hell that may break out here at work. Let’s hope it gets scaled-back or the timeline gets pushed out a bit. If there’s anything to say, I’ll say it later. If not, I’ll see everyone on Monday!

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