Thursday, October 10, 2002

Awfully quiet around here lately. I guess I'm just not as exciting when I whine about work. Sorry!

Didn't get to knitting last night. First I had to pick up my portfolio from someone, who said they loved my work and would keep me in mind, but their client was insisting that the person they hire have TV (commercial) experience, which I do not. Oh well. The office was down at Chelsea Market, which is this great building that has a whole bunch of yummy food stores downstairs. I got some fruity-veggie treats at the Manhattan Fruit Exchange, then some nice sole at The Lobster Place. I was strong and passed up the brownies at the Fat Witch Bakery, and I want some credit for that!

Once I got home, I had to wait before I could cook, because a friend from work was coming to see my apartment. I guess I can let the cat out of the bag and tell you that we officially have a signed contract for the sale of Ryan's apartment, and a closing date of December 1st. That means I can move when my lease ends - hallelujah! So Jose came over and loved the place, so I'm going to put him in touch with the landlord. This way everybody will be happy. Unusual, eh?

I finally got to sauteeing my fish and baby artichokes around 8:30, and boy was it yummy yummy. It's the first time I have really cooked in so long, since I pretty much boycotted my kitchen during the hot weather. The air conditioning just doesn't make it around the corner into the tiny hot room with no ventilation. Yes, our new apartment (when we find it) will have a better kitchen - it's a non-negotiable item.

It's still a bit early to look for December 1st rentals, but we will probably call/visit some of the Brooklyn Heights brokers over this long weekend so at least they can keep their eyes out for us. I'd be willing to take a place for November 15, and pay the half-month of overlap, if it's a good plac. It would certainly make moving easier since we could do it somewhat gradually.

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