Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I was so swamped yesterday I didn't even get to post! Horrors! Spent the day mostly in another writer's office, trying to figure out some of these new projects. Total nightmare work. I really feel like I am in over my head. I am sure I can muddle through it, but it won't be comfortable. And I know if they were hiring someone new to work on this account, no way would it be me. Heavy science, which I have the intelligence to handle, but not the experience and background in this area. So frustrating.

But enough whining. Stitch-n-Bitch was fun last night. Jenny, my new knitting friend at work, came with me, and got to meet tons of new knitty friends. I can't believe how big a crowd there was! Probably about 30 people altogether. I barely got to speak with Jackie, though I did get to say hi to Deb and her cute little daughter, Alix. Ryan showed up around 8 to meet me for dinner, and Alix was so excited to see him. Those two are utterly adorable together, and all the stitchers were commenting on it. Yes, my boy has a touch of baby fever. So do I, but we're definitely holding off until we've been married for a while.

I started working on a scarf made from the Anny Blatt pink angora I bought a few weeks back at Knitting Hands. I'm using the feather and fan pattern that was in the recent Knitters Review article on knitted lace. The pattern is surprisingly simple, and really pretty when it's worked up. My only complaint right now is that the angora sheds like crazy. I'm hoping after I wash and block it, it will calm down. My winter coat is a black shearling, and I can just see it covered with little pink hairs.

Well, that's about all the time I have for fun. Now I must place my nose back on the grindstone.

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