Friday, October 11, 2002

I only managed about 2 pattern repeats (8 rows) of the girlie-pink scarf last night, but I got a ton of wedding stuff done! I was chatting on the phone with Ryan, who was just escaping from a grumpy mood, and somehow I caught him at the right moment. I had seen a cool invitation that I wanted to show him, and he looked at it and thought it was really cool. We had been talking for a while about designing and printing our own invitations, but hadn't really gotten anywhere. I was partly just looking for inspiration when I showed him this one that I liked.

We ended up looking at a bunch of invites, and deciding to go with the ones I showed him first. We found several places you could order online, and Invitation Hotline had the best prices by far, so we bookmarked it. Can't actually order them until we move and know our new return address for the reply cards!

Invitation chatter led to talk of favors, and Ryan really got into it. It was really fun for me, because I haven't been able to interest him in this stuff before, but I guess I had to wait until the time was right. I had found this really cool site with personalized labels and when I showed it to him, he nearly flipped! We are going to end up using these round ones in lilac and mint. The labels will go on top of little round boxes, which we are going to fill with Altoids. Gee, how will we ever find a witty copywriter to write something clever for the top of the boxes? It was fun to look at all this stuff with Ryan, and have him actually be interested. I was so wound up from the excitement that I had trouble falling asleep and was up until 1. What a dork!

Today it's raining like crazy, and I got another dorky thrill out of wearing my new cloud boots in the pouring rain. I'm sure I looked crazy, with my nice pinstriped suit pants (I have an interview at lunchtime today) tucked into those, with a red raincoat and rainhat, plus an umbrella, but the joke's on anyone who laughed because I got to work dry and happy!

Tomorrow I'm out to Long Island for more weddy stuff. The salon where I bought my dress is having a trunk show of tiaras from this Australian designer, and they called to say there were some that would be great with my dress. Who knows, they may be ridiculously overpriced, but it can't hurt to look and try things on. Ryan's got plenty of thesis work to keep him busy, so I will also be going shopping for bridesmaid skirts with Diana (my Maid of Honor) on Monday, while the office is closed for Columbus day. I might even be able to start on one of the bridesmaid tops over the weekend, if I can get the pattern request form filled out and sent to ArtFibers early enough.

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