Monday, October 07, 2002

I'm back at work after a really fun Homecoming weekend up in Syracuse. It was great to see my old roommates, and to get reacquainted with everyone after such a long time. Ryan was a big hit with all of them, and vice-versa. We had two group dinners which were very enjoyable, and we got to go to Faegan's - one of my old on-campus drinking haunts. There were lots of alumni around who looked familiar, and a few whose names I even remembered. Of course there were also a few that we decided to duck because they just were too annoying to talk to. Bad Betsy!

The only real low point of the weekend was watching the football team get trounced by Pitt. Aren't you supposed to be able to beat the team you schedule for homecoming? Well, looks like someone at SU Football didn't quite get the message. No matter - we were there for the company, not the game.

On Sunday, everyone left by lunchtime, so Ryan and I went off on our own for the day. We drove out to Green Lakes State Park, which is a favorite of mine. The lakes (two of them) are wonderfully clear at the edges, and a pretty turquoise/green color where the water is deeper. These photos are the best I could find online, and I don't know if they really convey the true beauty of the place. We took a walk around all of Green Lake, which is apparently three miles. It was so nice to be out in the peace and quiet. Definitely a good break from city life. Syracuse in general is pleasantly low-key.

Now we're back home and back in the swing of things. I am awaiting the barrage of work to come, and trying to enjoy the peace while it lasts. Tonight I am going to find some sort of stitch pattern to use for that pink angora scarf, as I really need a project to work on right away. After scarfdom I will probably move on to the first of the bridesmaid tops - I think I'll start with Kristy's (Ryan's sis) since I will see her at Christmastime and possibly not again until weddingtime.

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