Friday, January 17, 2003

I feel so lame. The knitting content on this blog has gotten pretty friggin slim, eh? Well, I think I'll try and do something about that starting ASAP. Unfortunately, I am basically going to be knitting the same project three more times, so it's not going to be all that exciting.

"I started another bridesmaid top. It's purple. Just like the other ones."

"Look at the picture - it's a purple bridesmaid top. But this one is a size 34, while the others were size 36 - can't you SEE the vast difference?"


What in the world was I smoking when I laid this project on myself? Crack, and lots of it, it seems. All I want to do is knit something fun and pretty for me, but I really gotta do this. I can't have topless bridesmaids! Well, I suppose I could, but something tells me THAT would draw attention away from the bride, and I want as much attention as I can get. :-)

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