Monday, January 13, 2003

I managed to have a wedding/knitting nightmare last night. Pretty impressive. It was the usual scenario: the wedding day arrives, and somehow I have done none of the planning necessary, woke up late and have scary hair, no makeup and a wrinkled dress. Not so unusual. But in this one I actually forgot to knit the bridesmaid tops, so the girls also have nothing to wear and I am sitting panicking about myself and wondering what scary outfits they are going to show up in. Yeesh. I need this stress, right?

The funny thing is that yesterday we actually took care of one very important person’s wedding outfit, for the most part. Ryan and I went outlet shopping with friends of ours, and he found a fantastic tux at the Giorgio Armani outlet. It’s absolutely gorgeous, with 4 buttons, the trademark beautiful Armani cut, great fabric, subtle styling – the works. It was less than 1/3 of the regular price, so it was comparable to buying a "pretty nice" tuxedo full-price. He was very happy with it, and so am I. And if his animation career takes off in the Hollywood direction, he’ll be able to wear it to Oscar shows for years to come!

I’m excited to go to dinner tonight with Leanne, who has an afternoon appointment in the city. We didn’t get a chance to exchange presents before the holidays, so I am going to give hers (and get mine) tonight. We’re also going to talk about my wedding cake, since as she pointed out, it’s closer than it seems (152 days, according to

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes last week when I was so bummed. I still don’t have any resolution on the health insurance issue, but I’ll figure it out one way or another. It’s only money, right? Ha. Well, anyway, I think I am emerging from my post-holiday, post-moving funk, so I’ll be posting regularly again.

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