Monday, February 17, 2003

... The National Weather Service Continues The Blizzard Warning Until Midnight Tonight...

Snow Will Become Heavier As The Day Progresses. Occasional Blizzard Conditions Are Expected As Winds Will Gust Between 35 And 40 Mph At Times. This Will Produce Whiteout Conditions Which Will Make Driving Extremely Dangerous If Not Impossible. Total Snowfall Amounts By The Time This Storm Heads Out To Sea Late Tonight Should Range For The Most Part Between 1 1/2 And 2 Feet.

Remember... A Blizzard Warning Is Issued When Sustained Wind Speeds Or Frequent Gusts Of Over 35 Mph Are Expected With Considerable Falling And/Or Blowing And Drifting Snow. Visibilities Will Become Poor With Whiteout Conditions At Times. Those Venturing Outdoors May Become Lost Or Disoriented So Persons In The Warning Area Are Advised To Stay Indoors.

Residents Should Prepare For Major Travel Interruptions Into Tuesday And Possible Scattered Power Outages As The Heavy Snow And High Winds May Cause Trees And Power Lines To Come Down.

Stay Tuned To Noaa Weather Radio... Local Media Or Visit The National Weather Service Webpage At Weather.Gov For Further Details Or Updates On This Weather Situation.

I think that says it all, for the moment. I'm sure there will be pictures later!

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