Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Why in the world am I here at the office? There's no way my client is in - they're outside of Philadelphia and they all drive to work. That sure isn't happening! Pretty much the only people here in the office are those who live in the five boroughs and don't have to drive. But, the office is open and I need to save my PTO time for the honeymoon, so here I am.

Walking up Court Street in Brooklyn was quite entertaining. (If you're a masochist!) Some places were shoveled clean, others were just foothpaths worn through 2 feet ot snow with one "lane" for walking. The older man walking in front me didn't have boots and went down hard at once of those spots. He wouldn't let me help him up, though. Just as well - I'd have probably fallen on top of him and broken something on one of us.

So, now I'm here to sit and stare into the near distance of my monitor, while it snows even more out there. Maybe I'll sneak out a bit early.

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