Thursday, February 20, 2003

It's pretty amazing that after all this cold weather, I stepped outside into 40 degrees today and thought it felt like Spring! I'm talking no hat, loose scarf, top button open on the coat! A few months ago I was shivering at weather like this, but now it feels positively balmy. This winter has reminded me so much of the winters up in Syracuse, where I went to school.

A friend who is getting married two weeks before me said she liked the idea of having such a bad winter because it will make the arrival of Spring feel even more special, and that goes nicely with the wedding countdown. I decided I'd go along with that idea, since I have to find something to like about it!

I finished the back side of the second bridesmaid top on Tuesday night. Tonight I will try and start the front, if I have time. We have to go up to Mount Sinai hospital to visit Ryan's sister's fiance's father. He lives in Miami but was taken ill while up here for a weekend conference, and the poor guy knows no one else in the city. I've never met him, but he's apparently a very warm and friendly guy and doesn't mind being visited by a virtual stranger (he has met Ryan before). At least this way I will have met him before Kristy and Tom's wedding in August!

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