Thursday, March 06, 2003

Had a little reality check today. Velma emailed me to ask how things went with the Topsecret sweater I wanted to knit a few months ago using the lovely Gedifra Dandy yarn I bought last Spring. I was forced to admit I hadn't gotten anywhere near knitting it, because of my major procrastination on the bridesmaids tops. Sigh.

Of course, you'd think that would get me to knit tonight, but no. We got home at 8 from the gym (went straight after work) and then I should have knit during Bush's press conference, but I didn't even think of it. Duh. Then I was cooking pasta for dinner tonight, and preparing veggies for tomorrow night's dinner (the Bibimbop recipe from this month's Cooking Light), and now I'm blogging a bit, reading some email, and then off to bed. Maybe I just need the deadline to be right the f*ck on top of me in order to act?!

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