Saturday, March 08, 2003

Seems everyone but me has gotten their Rowan #33. Not that I have time for any other knitting at the moment, but I'm bummed to not have received it. Just wrote to their customer service to see what's up.

Last night's dinner was quite a success - the Cooking Light Bibimbop was fantastic! A little of a pain to serve because it's topped with an over-easy egg, and I didn't want to serve a cold egg to anyone, so I had to plate each serving individually (so the rice would stay hot) and then cook up a fresh egg. Not that it took too long, but if there were more than three of us it would've been annoying. Of course the traditional way to serve it is in a heavy earthenware bowl, which alleviates the cold rice issue, so I could have assembled all the servings and then just done the eggs quickly. Or I could buy a big griddle and do all the eggs at once like a short-order cook. Maybe not.

Tonight I'm going to see Erasure at the Beacon Theater with my friend Paul. He's a tremendous Erasure fan, and I've actually seen them with him before, on my birthday about 5-6 years ago. Should be a fun show. I'm not sure what else we're going to do today other than go to the gym, which I'm just about to do. I've been very diligent about working out again. It helps that Ryan and I arrange to meet there on my way home from work, so it's harder to wimp out. So far, I've stuck to the 4-workouts-per-week goal and I even look forward to it. I think I am starting to see a teensy difference already. Here I go!

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