Saturday, March 08, 2003

I'm back for a quick minute to say I have finally gotten a chance to look at the new Knitty and there are some awfully cute patterns in there! After my wedding, I am thinking I might soothe my post-wedding withdrawal with the bright and cheery Sitcom Chic cardie, designed by the ever-fabulous, entertaining, and prolific Bonne Marie. And I may get to make some Dim Sum for the kitties even before that, since they are quick and easy. And I just adore the Tiptoe through the Tulips socks, but I doubt I will have the fortitude to make those anytime soon. My first foray into sock knitting is still sitting on 2 circs in my knitting cabinet. For almost a year. Oh how I would adore a pair of those, though! I would actually buy these socks! Oh well, always good to have an unattainable object of desire.

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