Monday, April 08, 2002

So tired today and I think I have a mild migraine. I get these sometimes, and never thought they could be migraines until I started working here and doing some work on a migraine medication account. Not the totally disabling hide under your bed kind of migraine, but the one side of your head throbs, you feel queasy, moving around makes it worse, taking ibuprofen eases it a bit but doesn’t do it all kind of headache.

It was a busy, fun and tiring weekend. Saturday I got started on the second (front) piece of Mom’s sweater on the train out to their house. I told Dad, but not Mom, that the sweater was for her. Sneakily showed her what I was working on and she thought it looked great. Heh heh heh, won’t she be surprised on her birthday? (June 11 – plenty o’ time!)

Took Dad to the Islanders (hockey) game Saturday night. I had gotten tix back in January for his birthday present. What fun! It was the 30th anniversary celebration so we got free t-shirts that say “we’re back!” on them with the logo. And we got treated to a very exciting game! They beat the Capitals for the first time in WAY too long, and made the playoffs for the first time in 8 (I think it’s 8?) years!

This was particularly nice for us since the last time they made the playoffs we actually went to one of the games vs. the Rangers. The Rangers wiped the floor with the poor Isles, and since we were at Madison Square Garden (Rangers home ice) Dad and I were NOT having fun! This night was way more fun, with people chanting “Playoffs, Playoffs!” and generally being ecstatic.

Sunday morning I made a 180 degree turn as Ryan and I took Trystan, our friends Rich and Anita’s 4-year-old, to the circus at MSG. Had a fun time, though the circus is lamer than previous years in memory, except for this guy, (born in Peru, just like my sweetie!) who was really fantastic. We stuffed the little guy full of cotton candy and popcorn and bought him one of those fun spinny light things. The only thing that bugged me is the expense. 10 bucks for cotton candy (came with a silly circus hat – tres cheap material), 6 bucks for popcorn, and 16 for the light toy! I didn’t mind spending it once, but I can’t imagine being a working parent with more than one child and trying to go to the circus without breaking the bank. Has anyone been to Ringling Brothers in other cities? Do they charge the same or is it a special NYC resident rip-off?

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