Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Still sick, still knitting.

Yeah, another day and I am still stuck at home sick. Had a fever most of yesterday afternoon and night, but it's down some today. I still feel crappy, but I suppose I'll survive. Still grateful that my boss is so understanding and genuinely nice. I've had difference experiences in the past.

During some of my lower-temperature moments yesterday, I made some Sculpey Buttons. I think they came out pretty good for a first try. They're not quite even, but they kind of look cute. I'm hoping to use one of them on the lilac cardigan. Maybe the others will go on little purses, plus a few spares in case the sweater one breaks.

I also got quite a lot done on the cardigan. Finished the back, and one of the front sides. Odd problem though - I swear I followed the directions for the left side, but somehow ended up with a piece that is definitely the right side! It may have something to do with the reverse stockinette the pattern calls for - I suppose if I counted rows wrong (it starts with 10 garter stitch rows) and started the reverse stockinette on the wrong row, maybe that could've done it? I don't really know. I am going to be very careful with the second one and hope it turns out right. Er, make that left! Gee, another couple of sick days and I could have an entire wardrobe!

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