Friday, April 12, 2002

The downside of a sunny morning
So tired. So so tired. Still not feeling 100% but I am at my desk, and wishing I were in bed. I am not staying here one minute more than I have to today, and tonight will be a quiet one. Maybe order a pizza from Zito's and rent a movie. Oh, and hang my new blinds, which are scheduled to be delivered by UPS today. Hallelujah - maybe I can sleep past 7am without the sun waking me up. Lesson learned - never put sheer curtains in your bedroom without some sort of light blocker to go with them!

I am still very troubled about my cardigan. I measured that too-big sleeve again and it turned out my gauge had crept a bit looser, so I frogged it and started over. Now I am back on-gauge, but I still think the thing feels too big. I know it's not supposed to be fitted, but I've finished all the increases, and it feels kind of swimmy when I pin it together and stick my arm in. What to do, what to do? Any suggestions? Maybe I should finish it up, and pin or baste the whole side together and see how it feels? That's probably going to be my "solution" for the moment. And if it is really too big, at least I know for sure.

Back to tonight - I like the movie idea, but going to Blockbuster is always a stressful trip for us, unless I let go completely. Ryan is way more opinionated and elitist about what movies he'll see. (I say that with love, of course.) He's also a slow decision-maker, and will often say "yes, let's see this" and then continue to wander around looking for other options. (This does not seem to translate to his love life, in case you were wondering!) So I'm soliciting favorite movie suggestions that you think would appeal to an artsy, smartsy, 3d animation-masters-student with a sense of humor, as well as little old me. I'll make a little list and stick in my Palm so we can have it handy!

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