Friday, May 24, 2002

Just came across Theresa's "Personal Yarns" questions. Sure, I'll answer!

1. Where were you born? What do you know about your own birth? (time, circumstance, etc...)
I was born in Huntington, NY - out on Long Island. June 3rd was a hot day that year, and there was apparently a tremendous thunderstorm while I was being born at 11:19 pm (according to my birth certificate). Mom really wanted a girl (I have an older brother) so being superstitious, she wore only pink to the hospital.

2. Do you have a baby picture you can put onto your weblog? If not, tell us what you looked like as a baby.
Look that way -------> I'm not sure how old I was there, but my Mom says this is her favorite baby picture of me. I have to admit I think it's damn cute, too. There's also these two below. First from best friend Diana's birthday party, and the second with Diana, her brother Greg, my brother Larry (the one tossing the baseball up) and Greg and Diana's mother Georgia, who died in 1995. I figured you would all enjoy the giggle from the clothes and the fact that my pasty white face practically glows compared to the others!

3. What kind of a baby or toddler were you according to the people who were around when you were young?
As an infant, they called me "little miss sunshine" because I was so well-tempered. Mom would come into my room in the morning and find me gurgling happily in the crib. I am not making this up. I am also not quite as cheery in the mornings these days! I was a funny little kid, who taught myself to read secretly at the age of four. At pre-school they thought Mom and Dad did it, and Mom and Dad thought it happened at pre-school. Hehehe. I'm still sort of like that - I tend to prefer to present people with the finished product rather than let them share the progress (particularly the setbacks.) Knitting seems to be the exception.

4. Know any cute baby-related quotes?
Something about how the mountain lion got its spots, which makes no sense since mountain lions don't have spots. My favorite quote isn't mine, though. When I was on the way, my parents went to look at a crib that someone was selling, and they took my four-year-old brother. In the middle of these strangers' living room, my brother smiled sweetly and said "I hate you Mommy!" and giggled. Of course he had no idea what he was saying, but imagine how mortifying it was?! Hmm. I know I must have said many cute things as a child. I will have to check with Mom later and get back to you.

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