Wednesday, June 05, 2002

After running like a madwoman (mostly for fun stuff, but fun is still exhausting) for over a week, something had to give last night, so I didn't go to Stitch-n-Bitch. I felt bad and knew I'd miss everyone, but when I walked in the door after work, the cat box was stinky, the dishes were piling up, there was nothing decent to eat, and I just felt totally fried. So I went to the supermarket and the pet store, and took care of some household business. It's still not nearly clean and pristine, but kitty and I are certainly much happier.

Later in the evening I had to perform a bit of corrective surgery on Mom's sweater. You may recall the first time I knit the sleeve, it was huge, so I frogged, decreased the number of stitches, and re-knit it. Much better, but then the sleeve was a bit too short to fit nicely into the armhole. Duh. So I frogged a few inches and increased a bit more frequently at the top until I had the amount of stitches specified in the pattern, and set in the first sleeve. Worked like a charm, and really didn't take too long. I will do the same on the other sleeve tonight, and should be AOK for finishing this by Saturday, when I see Mom for her birthday. It's a tiny bit of a pain to frog the cast-off sleeve, but it's a good lesson learned and I had plenty of time to fix it. Yay!

Now that I did that, I am feeling adventurous and trying to decide what to do with the pretty Topas yarn. I know it will be a tank using both colors, but I am not sure what I want it to look like. It'll be some sort of stripes, but I am debating whether I want them to be even stripes, irregular "random" stripes, zig-zaggy stripes, or maybe stockinette in one color and some sort of lace pattern in the other. Or something completely different. I will be looking around for inspiration over the next few days, I expect.

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