Thursday, June 06, 2002

Re-knit that bit on the second sleeve and set it in last night. Now I just have to sew the sleeve and side seams, and Mom's sweater will be done in time for her birthday. Yay me! I just hope she likes it.

Still thinking about the melon tank I want to make and how I want to make it. I have been very scattered lately, with so many plans, that I haven't really devoted a lot of thought to any particular project. I'm sort of feeling like my life is getting away from me just a bit. And there's no end in sight to the busy-ness. This weekend we're out to Long Island for Mom's birthday. Next weekend we have a friend's 30th birthday party in Connecticut on Saturday, and Father's Day back on Long Island on Sunday. Then there's one weekend left before we go to Europe. Eek!

Tonight I am going to the eye doctor. I'm looking forward to it, because she (Yoon) is a friend - not a close friend that I hang out with on my own, but a close friend of my good friend Wendy, and Yoon and I always get along well when we see each other. It'll be nice to have a real eye doctor I can trust, as opposed to hoping the guy at the eyeglasss store actually knows what he is doing. The progression of my myopia (nearsightedness) seems to have slowed considerably in the past 5-8 years, which is a plus. But I am still pretty much useless for anything but sleep or quiet meditatin without glasses or contact lenses. I have friends who are very happy after laser surgery, but I am stll chicken.

Hoping to make it to the Calvin Klein sample sale after my appointment. It's right near Yoon's office, so if I can get out of there quickly enough (my appointment is at 5:30) I may be able to do it. There's also (pay attention, Deb!) a J. Crew sample sale (listed on that same page) that I would love to hit. Damn, I was right across the street from there yesterday but didn't know about it. How vexing!

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