Monday, June 03, 2002

Happy Birthday to me! Today's the official day, but much of the celebrating happened yesterday. My parents took us to brunch, then I was showered with presents back at my place. I did really well this year, too. Mom and Dad paid for my new cellphone and my Rowan subscription, then Dad indulged two of my obsessions with a great knitting video and a floral arranging book. Mom also got me some pretty jewelry (pearls for my June birthday) and silly cute socks.

My sweetie got most of the books on my Amazon wishlist, plus a bunch of other great stuff, then he took me out for a surprise evening out. First we went to a Flamenco show at the New Victory Theater, and then we had the most amazing 7-course tasting menu at Patria. Today we have lunch (he won't say where yet) and there's apparently another present that was shipped all the way from Hong Kong, which is waiting at the Brooklyn Heights post office. Neat!

OK, I am freely admitting to being extremely spoiled on this particular birthday. I won't complain. Up until around March, the past year was a really difficult one for me, both professionally and personally. Things most definitely were not going my way, so if the universe (and my loved ones!) want to send a little extra fun my way this birthday, I am not going to argue or feel guilty for it!

Before all the celebrating began, Saturday was really fun, too. Our knitbloggers lunch was really fun, and the food at Gus's Place was really good! Here's a photo of our happy group (left to right: Marney, Shetha, me, Jackie, Susan):

Well, that's about it. Gotta go get lazy and more spoiled!

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