Friday, June 07, 2002

I had interesting (to me, at least) bus experiences both yesterday afternoon and this morning. Yesterday's was actually very irritating, but funny in retrospect. I was on a packed uptown bus, headed to the eye doctor. My rather stuffed tote bag was on my shoulder, and I was leaning against the side of the bus, when this very large-breasted (this matters, I tell you) heavy woman starts shoving her way past me. She was squishing me, and I was really grossed out by having some lady's boobs smashed up on me like that, so I tried to get her to stop so I could move my bag and make more room.

"Wait, wait a sec," I said, and her reply, in a serious Brooklyn accent and dripping with nastiness was "Oh yeah, I'm gonna wait fuh you?" as she plowed past me. I turned to her and said "I asked you to wait because I was going to move my bag and make it easier for you to get through" to which she replied "oh yeah, shoa you wuh" as if I had intentionally made this whole thing difficult for her, when really what made it difficult was partly her size and mostly her rudeness. Somehow this experience irked me enough to glare at her occasionally for the next ten blocks, and then turn to her and cheerily call out "Bye, nasty!" in a sing-song voice as I got off the bus at 56th Street. Then it occured to me that she might actually chase me, and I was a little nervous until the bus pulled away. :-)

I'm not usually obnoxious, but she just really got to me!

This morning was not confrontational, just odd. Around 29th Street, a fireman got on the bus. A fireman in full fire gear, with the helmet, coat and boots, carrying his shoes. Not your normal rush-hour sight! He didn't look or smell like he'd been at a fire, so I wonder if perhaps he was doing the "walk of shame"? But who hooks up at a fire?! An amusing bit of speculation for a Friday morning.

The office is quiet today. We have "Summer Fridays" which means everyone gets to pick 6 Fridays and have those days off. I haven't had one yet (next week is my first) but today seems to be a very popular Friday, as almost everyone I work with is gone. Oh darn. ;-)

If you've made it this far, here's your reward: A Finished Object! All that's left on Mom's sweater is to sew in my little "Betsy made this just for me!" custom label in the back. Click on the photo for a larger version that shows the sparkly bits much more clearly.

And one last note - I've convinced Ryan to start a blog! For those of you who don't know, Ryan is hard at work on his Masters degree in 3D Animation, and this summer he's starting his thesis project (he graduates next Spring.) The project is a short animated film, and if you're so inclined, you can read the ryanimator blog and learn all about it. I expect there will be very little knitting content on his blog. Unless I knit something for the blogger. :-)

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