Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I now believe my wardrobe is conspiring against me. This is the second time in as many weeks that I have been threatened with very indecent exposure. Last week it was a wrap-around skirt that decided to unwrap while I was walking down 3rd avenue and trying to pull my cellphone out of my purse. Quick reflexes saved me from complete embarrassment.

This morning, it was my new flowered pants. I swear they were OK when I left the house. But when I went to the bathroom at work, I discovered a large rip in the butt seam. These pants zip in the middle of the back, and from right below the zipper to the bottom of the crotch was wide open. And I hesitate to attract the porn crowd, but I was wearing the kind underwear that would make this problem particularly embarrassing! I didn't have my little sweater with me, so I sort of covered up with my bag a bit and ran to Vanessa's office.

Luckily, Vanessa had a needle and some somewhat matching thread. So, I came back to my office, barricaded the door (no lock) with my guest chair, took off the offending pants and sat with a jacket around my waist while I sewed them. How precious. Luckily no one needed to see me right then. The thread doesn't match perfectly, but if anyone has their head that close to my butt they (a) already missed the really exciting show and (b) are about to get hit with a sexual harrassment charge.

The day since then has been quieter, thank goodness. But I am now very concerned about disintegrating clothing. Eek!

Speaking of clothing, I decided to post my wedding dress photo, but if you want the link, you need to email me for it. I just think it's too tempting for Ryan to see the link here and look, even though he really wants to be surprised. It's kind of like if he had done the same with my engagement ring. Even though I didn't want to see it until he gave it to me, I could see the possibility of temptation overcoming me one day. And that was just a few weeks that I knew about it - this is nearly a year.

Also on the wedding and knitting combo subject, I tried swatching some of that Berocco Cotton Twist for the bridesmaid tops the other night. Awful! It splits like crazy and is just terrible to work with. When it doesn't split, the fabric is lovely - soft and luminous - but I can not see myself dealing with that splitting through four garments. Nuh uh! So, I am definitely still open to yarn suggestions. Something that will be cool to wear in June, has some sheen, and is pleasant to work with. I don't really want to go much finer than 5 stitches per inch if I can help it. The Lurex Shimmer was 7 and I thought that might kill me.

As for design, I am thinking I might try to do it myself, most likely with help from someone with experience in this area. Now that I have my dress, I want to do a neckline that will coordinate, so it will probably be easier to do it myself than to find something just right in the right gauge, etc.

Looking forward to Stitch-n-Bitch tonight. I am a few inches into the back of my Paper Phil tank, and will be working on that while I give the Moo blankie a rest. I'm going to be a good girl again and leave at 9ish so I can go to the supermarket and do some stuff around the house. Good Betsy!