Wednesday, August 14, 2002

OK, I just really want to be home today in the AC, knitting my way through the top of my tank. I got up to the armholes last night and just need a couple of hours to finish the thing. But instead I hauled my butt out of bed and here to the office, with the icy AC and the space heater on to counteract it. How ridiculous.

Stitch-n-Bitch was really fun last night. I made it a point to get there early so I could get a space on the sofa. At first it was a little crowded but by the time I left I could have stretched out and taken a nap there. Which, oddly enough, was why I had to leave - sleepiness set in around 9ish and I still needed to go change the kitty litter and stuff.

I am so glad I found this group of cool knitting women. It's just such a fun break in the week to hang around and chat and knit with a whole group of ladies who "get it." And it's always fun and inspiring to see what everyone is working on. I was really taken with the little eyelet camisole that Joanna was working on. She's using Morehouse Farm Merino lace weight yarn. The color is lovely - somewhere between a lavender and a blue. I am thinking I might like a color like that for my bridesmaids, though probably not merino for the middle of June. I still would like to pick up some of the Morehouse yarn for myself, but according to their website they aren't back at the Greenmarkets until September. (I know, that's a few weeks away but I hate to think that summer is almost over!)

I sat next to Jackie for most of the evening, as she was working on the top of her pretty Guernsey dress. It's such a cute little girlie dress - that is one lucky niece! And Marney was busy socknitting again. I swear, that girl just churns out stuff like crazy. I think I would go broke if I knitted as quickly as Marney does. I know for sure who I am going to beg for help if it rolls around to Memorial Day and I still have bridesmaid tops to knit! ;-)

(For the record, I do NOT expect this to happen!)

I keep forgetting to mention the good news Ryan and I received on Sunday. His sister Kristy called us to announce her own engagement! We were both really happy. Tom, her fiance, is a really good guy, and a good match for her. They are a lot of fun to be around - a smart couple with a good sense of humor. She said they are probably looking at a Spring 2004 wedding, since they don't want to squeeze in ahead of us (which was very thoughtful) and he doesn't want to get married in the fall/winter. Something about a Celtic belief that those are "seasons of death." Hmm. The wedding would be in Miami, which rarely feels deathly, but you gotta respect people's feelings on this stuff. Anyway, we'll all be recovered from our wedding by then, so it will be fun to do it all again for them.

So, do you think I should work today? I guess so. I have a lot of reading to do. Here I go!