Monday, August 12, 2002

It was a rollercoaster weekend, that's for sure. I think I'll stick to the high points.

I found my wedding gown and ordered it! When we went to Priscilla of Boston on Friday, they had a rack of the new designs, and only one gown really caught my eye on that rack. It was the first one I tried on, and my immediate thought was "oh no - I can't fall in love with the first gown I try!" So, I tried on many others, most of which looked nice on me, but nothing hit me the way this one did. Something about it just made me really happy. The ladies at the store were really nice and helpful, and encouraged me to think it over, and to keep the appointments I had at other shops the next day "just to be sure." That really impressed me.

So I did just that, and went to the two other places I had scheduled. At the Bridal Atelier I tried on about 8 dresses, most of which looked good. There was one that was prettier than the others, but it still didn't make me feel better than the dress I already loved. These dresses were also nearly $1k more than the Priscilla dress. So we left with a list of what I had seen and liked, and went to The Gown Company, which is right near my apartment.

The Gown Company was sort of a letdown. Tiny little curtained-off dressing room, only big enough to fit me. At the other places I had a spacious area (curtained at the Bridal Atelier, and a full room nearly as big as my apartment at Priscilla) to change in, and they gave me a strapless bra, shoes and a petticoat to try the dresses with. Here, they handed the dresses through the curtains and I struggled into them on my own, barefoot. That would have been OK if I had found anything I truly liked, but I just didn't. They had a lot of designer gowns at a good discount, but most were samples which had definitely seen better days. I think it's sort of a hit-or-miss type of place. If I didn't already love my dress, I would possibly have come back in a month or so to see what was new.

After those two stops, I was more certain about my choice, but still wanted to see it again. So Dad (who had driven Mom into the city and gone to the Whitney Museum with Ryan) drove us back out to Roslyn and I tried on my dress once again. This time I actually teared up a bit when I saw it on, and knew then and there that this would be the dress I would get married in. I showed it to Dad, and he got all teary, too. Mom had already gotten her tearies over with.

So, there you go - I have a wedding gown! And I love it! I'm also intrigued that since it is a brand-new trunk show, the rep there told me I was the first person in the U.S. to buy that gown. And if it doesn't prove popular, it won't make it into the collection for real and there could only be five or six made ever. That's kinda cool. The gown is definitely 100% recognizeable as a bridal gown, no question there, but it is somewhat unusual. I didn't see anything like it either online or in the other shops. I like that. :-) It is being made just for me in Spain, so it will be several months before it shows up and I can go visit it.

Obviously I am not describing the dress here on the blog, because I don't want the boy to know. And since it is a new gown, there are no photso online. If you're really desperate to hear, you can contact me personally. Otherwise, photos to come next June!