Thursday, August 15, 2002

Ugh, I am so bummed to learn that I am going to miss the New York City "Knit Out" day! And it's right around the corner from my apartment, too. Unfortunately, on October 6th, I will still be in Syracuse, celebrating Homecoming and my 10-year reunion with some of my former roommates who I never-ever see. I think that is also the weekend of the Chili Pepper festival at the BBG. Why do they always schedule all the good stuff at the same time?!

Other than that, not a lot to talk about today. Oh, except the real cool present I got last night! I have been bending Ryan's ear about wanting a sandwich press for ages. It got even worse after we got back from Italy, where I ate panini at every turn. So guess what showed up last night? I was really psyched - it's not just a sandwich maker, but a waffle maker, too! Now I can make panini AND waffles! I think Leanne might actually have the same model, and it made great waffles. I remember she made a whole bunch one time and froze them, sending me home with a few - much better than the store-bought frozen waffles. I see many happy breakfasts, lunches and dinners in my future! Something tells me I will be stopping on the way home to get some good bread and panini fixin's. :-)

I am hoping to have the day off tomorrow as scheduled so I can go with Deb to her beach club. I think Ryan is going to join us, too. There's this silly brochure here at work that has to be sent to the client, but all we are sending are layouts with a headline and two subheads, plus a content outline. I've written all of that and should be settled and internally approved today, so there's no good reason I should have to be here if they are still doing layout on it. All it needs is someone to read it and say "yes, that's what I wrote" so I think I can get Bernie (who is actually my boss's boss, and is the creative director on this project) to do that. Let's cross our fingers. I have not been to the beach here all season, and that is just ridiculous for a beachaholic like myself! When I lived on Long Island, I spent just about every weekend at the beach, and many weekdays when I was in school and not working. Now I am lucky to get there a few times during the whole summer.

So, I think I have exhausted all my interesting (semi-interesting?) conversation for this morning. I did not do any knitting yesterday, but I fully expect to finish my Paper Phil tank between tonight and tomrrow. Then I think I need to decide for good whether I am going to make Diana a sweater for her birthday, and if so, buy yarn and get that sucker moving. If not, I will work on the Moo blanket some more. I also want to find a good pattern for my Gedifra Dandy (it's colorway #1445). I am thinking about a cardigan, but a pullover might work just as well.

And, as always, there are the bridesmaid tops to think about. A major shout-out to Shetha who has been using this as an excuse to scout out every LYS in the Portland area and report in on groovy yarns. Talk about personal shopping! Once I have a bit more free time and Downtown Yarns is back on their regular schedule (after Labor Day for both, I think) I will head down there and check out their stock as well as their suggestions. Of course the problem is everyone is getting their Fall/Winter yarns in now, and I need lightweight summer stuff. Ah well, somehow it will all get figured out. :-)